hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are doing another fashion haul this time we’re doing a smaller brain that you guys might not have heard of and we are featuring Norris when I met the owner of Norris whim when I went down to Miami for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue casting and she was so ugly she sent me a message after and asked if I wanted to trust him for bikinis and of course I said yes so that’s what we’re doing today I will put all of her information in the description box below so you guys can check it out and before we get started just gonna give you guys my measurements one more time I am 510 I weigh around 160 165 any given day and my measurements are 36 35 36 chests 27 waist and 43 hips okay we have a lot of fun bikinis to go through so let’s just get right into it okay friends this is the first one and I have to admit when I first saw it I was like not for me can’t do it but then I played it off and I felt some type of way okay so this is a cheetah print like heck yeah and it’s got cute little detailing all over so here it has the gold rings here here on the side here and on the back I believe the front is very cheeky so like a lot of side boob you can adjust it from the straps oh you saw that you can’t adjust the straps to make him tighter it’s got a very deep cut right here which again I also love I would never typically buy one of these I kind of put my hair up hold on second all right we’re back I would typically probably not think to buy this but once I had it on I’m not gonna lie guys I was feeling my self all right I’m gonna show you the back but very quickly because we have some curves that like to come by this channel and be obnoxious very cheeky very cheeky but I have never been more comfortable in my life and so I actually love this bathing suit this was piece number one all right the key number two is a super highlighter pink bikini and I also love it like look at this color like showstopper not sure what that was I think it’s supposed to be intended to wear it like this that you guys know that I like to put everything high-rise just because my shape it flatters it much much more the top is just this very cute basic triangle very supported and this is the back so there are no closures it’s just very easy very seamless and the bottoms of the suit are very very cheap this feels like butter this feels super high quality doesn’t doing it’s in a fall apart when you wash it and I feel comfortable I don’t feel like anything’s gonna fall out so the other one yes you have to be a little bit more cautious that your nipple doesn’t fall out but this one you can like nothing okay this next one is kind of interesting kind of like the first one I would have never thought to buy this one but I’m so glad I have it it’s so cute so this reminds me kind of like I don’t know like a baby doll I don’t even want the right terminology but the reason I say that is because it’s actually suede and I don’t know you guys can tell by the video but it’s it’s a sweet or it’s like terry cloth I don’t I don’t know terminology but it is like a towel material which is actually kind of cool it’s very different a very pretty lilac fun fact while I can use my favorite color back in the dizzy now let’s think you’re a typical triangle top and the bottoms again I’m just hiking them up a little bit because I just like a broken record I just like him up higher it just accentuates my body the best back also very cheeky you guys that’s it looks like this is up my butt the back is cheeky as well I think we just have to accept it that’s where we’re headed these days and honestly it’s just more comfortable for me this is the next one and I love it you guys so far ten out of ten nor swim is like your new favorite swimsuit line just name and last but certainly not least it’s this beautiful teeny-weeny bikini this one is actually reversible I’ll put it here on the screen so you can see what it looks like with the other side I love them both this is this makes me feel certain type away because it is very very sexy very tiny and I love it this is the adjustable like bikini that you can make it wire or I gotta be careful here or bring it in a little bit the back is also very cheeky that’s my tango sorry also very cheeky I love the details on this suit it’s got the metal clasps on the ends of every string so it’s got them on the top as well right here can you see that probably not like I said very cheeky but as I get older I realize I don’t care what anybody thinks of me I’m gonna wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and this makes me feel comfortable I don’t know what happened it’s like the less clothing I have on the more casual I feel on the beach it’s so weird but I mean I don’t know I guess because I don’t like keep tugging at things and I’m just like me in my body though guys I’m telling you norm is on the up up so stay tuned for them I don’t think I’ve mentioned the size this is a size medium and I don’t think that I would have chosen any other size for any of the suits they all fit wonderfully I feel super comfortable this is super lightweight by the way very very weightless and that’s it thank you guys so much for watching let me know if there is any brand on your radar that you’d like me to try out I’d love to do a haul feature them on my channel because like I mentioned in my last video that we did like this I believe in community over competition I think that there is enough success to go around and why not help lift each other up and said can you get it down so with all that said thank you guys so much for watching please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next one [Music]

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