Exotic 4×4 Tours: Island Beaches of Tela Honduras

hey guys we’re here Intelli and filming a little bit tella and Atlantida honduras and we’re filming a little bit for exotic 4×4 tours just giving you guys a little bit of a rundown on the location as far as where we can take you guys and this is one of the hotels that we have as an option to stay at here and I’ll give you guys a little look at this and the star view of the show is just this incredible view here we got a couple lemonade’s and this is the my Avista here Intelli and just absolutely a great hotel just a really the food is amazing and basically everything is pretty awesome so gonna give you guys a rundown of a lot of the different things that we can offer through exotic 4×4 tours and some stuff that we can do here and tell us not all of it of course because there’s just so much you can do but I’ll give you as much as I can alright guys this is the room we got a/c up here air conditioning we got some pretty nice beds this is the two-bedroom it’s million Filipinos that’s 1700 lempiras and basically pretty nice got the flatscreen here little flat-screen TV some interesting Garifuna local art and bathroom facility is hot water cold water hot water very simple and very nice but the view is absolutely outstanding would you look at that not too shabby alright guys we’re here in the land cruiser and we just came on to the beach I hear Intelli at our little private access point we’re about five minutes from the hotel that we recommend and this is it guys just we got about 40 minutes of Beach running down here to one of the points I like to take we go out here and grab kayaks we can grab just about anything there’s guys out here that take we know guys that’ll take us out on boats and different things of that nature too you know all kinds of cool you can go see monkeys and there’s all kinds of natural locations out here you can go see and right now we’re just kind of in the thick of it


just a wild Beach down here and we’re going out towards an area that’s either privately owned or kind of completely just abandoned hey guys this is the beach that we can take you guys down okay these are my tracks I’m the only one that’s been through here as you can see it’s it gets a little rough but if you know how to do it and you know what you’re doing and if you have an awesome vehicle and a great co-pilot then you can make it happen so you know exotic 4×4 Tours come check us out and you know it doesn’t get much more beautiful than this guys come check us out and let me know what do you think of this location is just not beautiful come on [Music] nothing like a great little breakfast on the beach with a great view to get your day started we’re about to go off and and do some boating here and we’ll check in with you guys in a bit we are here in the little village out here Miami Beach but uh it’s not the Miami Beach you’ve heard of here’s the boats here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we are here in a national park now take the boat right to the park we walk through the park and the boat picks us up on the other side beaches right here just got dropped off and a nice little hike through the National Park the only way to access this park is by boat because they’ve done some dredging and they’ve separated it from the main land with a canal this is uh the plant right here that they’ve been making their houses with the roof of the houses with for well basically for all time so we’re here in a little spot where there was at one time it was it’s a little hidden Harbor Hidden Cove area and as you can see it’s this area is very smooth even when the rest of the water out here is is really turbulent and and actually pirates used to come in here and hide we’re right off the Caribbean so pirate seas come in here and hide back in the day there’s lots of monkeys and stuff you got to be quiet to be here for a while put some food out or something like that but there’s monkeys in all these woods and they want to make sure you’re not hunting them first but then they’ll come out and they’ve also pulled lots of gold millions and millions of dollars worth of gold out of here it’s a national park now but over the years they’ve found a lot to gold out here [Music] yes okay got it clinical man hey Jake we conks snails some sort Hey okay cool fresh escargot guys preparing it for us right now get these little lizards are everywhere I don’t know if you can see them or not probably but uh these rocks here completely filled with hermit crabs that live inside they all come out at night there’s tons of them in there yeah we’re the only ones out here right now so pretty cool there’s a little reef system out here as well and some good snorkeling gear and stuff I’m just going to jump in if I can see the fish without a mask and all if I can find the reef I’ll show you guys everything not a bad spot I should have brought my snorkel gear or my scuba gear but I didn’t I didn’t really think about it as a matter of fact though although I’ll do that I’ll get get some scuba videos up for you guys as well well if you want to see it let me know comment below if you want to see scuba stuff [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] on to the next spot [Music] [Music] well guys we’re off and a little reminder that you should be sharing the road with your furry friends we’re we’re taking the road different way back and well that’s a little example of what you guys can expect with 4×4 tours on the tella a small amount the teller location that we have a small amount of what you can expect there’s just so much to do out of here any kind of water sport or fishing or boating kayaking snorkeling scuba diving that you can imagine and then you know the beach the beach runs and the truck are pretty awesome any kind of camping barbecues resorts hotels you know if you’re if you’re interested go ahead and contact me send me an email through the contact section of the website comment below let me know what you think like subscribe share bone out

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