Most EXOTIC Beach in KOH TAO, Thailand

alright guys good morning welcome back to koh tao thailand day to vlog number two last night I went out it was an interesting night say the least but bit of a hangover and sworn-in what it easy for me to keep these on gonna go and grab some breakfast we’re gonna explore the little area room right now is the beautiful area we’re currently walking down the Walking Street it’s known as there’s actually have a street name they call it the warping street let’s grab some food I picked a spot for breakfast that I think is going to cure a hangover before I’ve even smelled the food space ridiculous incredible squid snapper Barracuda they got it on man he got it all [Music] only with must be the chili as well as my age thank you yeah if it’s spicy food in boost of that metabolism [Music] it’s just for adjust standards one way to walk back from breakfast O&I this is our walk home getting breakfast which by the way the breakfast cost like four pounds each – omelette orange and oranges and Walter incredible let’s get you out of this Maya admire of the Miss let’s go find a hammock to sit in and read books and become intelligent powerful man that’s what we need to do let’s go [Music] all right so we’re at a place called freedom Beach absolutely gorgeous with white at the south of Kotel we rented the bikes with five days but the island is so small we’ve kind of already done the entire coast it feels like we’ve enlarged you’ve been anywhere what you’re looking at George the lizard brains big I think it’s I’ve caught a monitor lizard they’re awesome they look like snakes but with legs not just like the ciliary body [Music] [Applause] you know what mr. Benson this is one of the most idyllic days you could possibly have and the one thing I think about this island that everybody watching this should know is yes it looks like a paradise and some people think that when they watch a travel video that it’s an unattainable thing and they can’t come to these places because if it looks super light blue it must be too expensive or it must be too far away to be able to go Thailand is so cheap and we’re talking like we’re spending ten pounds a night to stay somewhere we could be spending like two pounds and I have one pound fifty a night some places to get here itself it’s quite expensive but when you’re actually here you can make the whole travelling on a budget thing work and no matter what your budget is whether it’s super small or whether you can spend a bit more the luxury is literally on the doorstep we got to do is rent a bike get in a taxi which costs like couple of pounds I don’t even know how big this island is but it’s like maybe ten kilometers max and there’s so much beautiful stuff to see and I just wish everybody could experience an idyllic day like this freedom bar may be one of the best speeches I’ve ever been to we’re gonna go to another bar now and it’s a finally a little bit higher up to watch the sunset it’s gonna be a good one okay [Music] [Applause] today’s been loads of bars beaches bars in Kotel does anyone I want my saw who’s a mister mister wrist sports

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