all right what's going on family welcome back to meet the farmers we the farmers my name is Shakeel and today we're going to another vlog so I'm just showing you guys enjoying the view this is where my mom works at Ocean Bay Beach Resort it's a very beautiful resort beach we're gonna come show you guys the view real quick because we're about to go on a boat to another Island but we wanted to come show you the view this is where I learned how to swim right here oh you can't see it it's right there that's the other Island you can see from here let's do like a view there's another rock over there that's just a rock and there's another one way down there don't think you can see it [Music] this is a pool that I learned to swim in yeah as the kid needs to come here all the time and play around with my mom was working she was a salesperson receptionist [Music] [Music] our family so this is what we call the front side of the island so the island of st. Maarten is divided if you haven't already looked up the map it's divided in two parts the side that we were on the majority of our time it's called the Dutch side which is owned by the Dutch Netherlands on Holland and now we're on the French side which is owned by France the French long story about that whole breakdown just know that it's two separate things it's even two different currencies two different cultures no actually it's the same people but on this side you would get more of a French community on this side and on the other side you'll get a more of a Dutch Pierre Cellini and kind of vibe and this is where we're gonna take our boat to Anguilla and I think you can see well while ago I could have seen Anguilla but there's always - Park you see it from where I'm standing I can see Anguilla from where I'm standing but you won't be able to see the camera so as we get closer I'll show you guys hopefully we go and we get a big boat where I can don't get a camera wet and I can pull it out and we can flog a little bit and we're gonna also do some Instagram stories on the trip there yeah we got a fun day ahead and I go get my backpack sitting on these rocks so we have to wait for our boat because uh the boat that was there is already full so now we're taking pictures of this with this beautiful background beautiful thing going on guys we just made it on a boat sank Whaler we almost didn't make it so now we're gonna go to Anguilla and show you guys the water a little bit from when we were leaving I thought we were gonna be on a boat where you can like sit outside and I'm gonna open both you know close one I feel more safe in here but I wish we could have showed you the outside here whatever like hopefully we come back on a boat enjoying it as much as actually [Music] Oh guys I finally made it to the beach baby excited I don't have cheers over here oh my god looks so beautiful which is now so that we could just go enjoy the water yes all right guys I made it to that great little beach here it's pretty nice family already in the water babe and I about to jump there so don't look forward to too much videos after you answer me one question why am I in the corner yeah but you pull your legs up like you're gonna cannonball yeah hey guys so when I already done we had so much fun chicken fight with the sister and her boyfriend now we're heading back to the hit the booth yes Mabel beer squeaking damn yeah it's a little bigger so we sit in the back [Music] [Music] alright guys wanna thank you for watching this video thank you for subscribing and being a part of our video if you liked it and you enjoyed our trip to Anguilla thank you for coming along with us go ahead and subscribe if you're not already subscribed hit that like button and show some love comment down below your favorite parts of this video and also comment down below what Island you think we should go to next what where where do you live what island are you from and should we come there in the back is living is a rock in a shell yeah it came together so I'm gonna do in here but I'm gonna write yeah yeah there wasn't any souvenir shops that we can get
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