Women Try Amazon’s Best Selling Swimsuits

watch the nipples I’ve never bought some suits from Amazon but I am a frequent online swimsuit buyer like I don’t from random ass sight it’ll be like five dollars ten dollars that I get them and it’s like a string I actually have thought of swimsuit from Amazon before I had a group of friends that all bought the same swimsuit on Amazon in different colors but like then it didn’t quite fit me as well as it fit everyone else and I was like Sisterhood of the Traveling what right now my experience with Amazon and clothes is if it’s not a jacket I’m probably not gonna buy it I bought a couple last year for shoots that we did I surprisingly liked them I kind of have faith that these ones will be okay I don’t know if I have really any expectation as long as it fits I’ll probably gonna be like the best bathing suit I’ve ever bought probably not but it’ll be fun are you ready to try them on yeah let’s put my body on the Internet again I feel like you look adorable thank you I think you look adorable [Music] I’m pretty good I actually surprisingly feel really good it’s a win I’m like really shocked [Music] I like the ruching it’s good at disguising things that you may be like what is here I don’t know it’s just fabric I think if that makes it more comfortable too it’s like I’m not thinking about like it hugging like super close to anything it’s like just a nice little space what I like about the little mesh panel here is that like you get the illusion I like the sense of like sensuality but without actually having to show it if this was just like a cutout I would probably lose a lot of like support and I’d be worried about like my nipples popping out I thought like cups in here I’m very flat chested so makes the illusion that there’s something there when I took it out of the bag I was like if I don’t like this as a swimsuit I’m gonna wear it as a bodysuit it kind of feels like like a ballet leotard really good gymnastics leotard to me it’s nice that it has the halter yeah yeah I have one pieces that are like two straps sometimes in the water I don’t even notice that there’s mesh in the back this is cute see that also helps you like breathe I feel like it could be doing more for the butt agreed I normally feel like swimsuits are like trying to compress itself and this is like has a lot of you I can see why it is a top seller because it is like cute and safe this is a swimsuit that like my mom can get on board with what I’m gonna give it a 9 I don’t know if this isn’t this swimsuit I would buy for myself but like once it’s on my body I like it I would give it an 8 out of 10 it doesn’t Wow me but it’s good at everything else I would rate this like a 9 this is pretty up there I think Oh give it a 99.5 yeah it could get a 9.5 this is a good really surprising win from the Internet really excitedly rock this suit this year are we ready to try the other one let’s go let’s try the other one too and this is what was behind door number two I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I was picking the patterns because I didn’t realize your kind because of the cutouts of mine doesn’t [Music] it’s fairly comfortable I will say I think I like the other one better it’s not entirely my style [Music] cutouts are cute I kind of wanted them no but yours have a fun Russia yours is gonna like hide all the things in mines gonna be like dig in baby it’s gonna give you a fun family yeah like just a little extra something I like the way this one looks except for it does this which is kind of insane I feel like the straps just help to keep my boobs out I’m not really sure if I’m feeling it with two-piece swimsuits it can be really hard to fit my boobs into a medium it actually fits like decently well I could use maybe like a little more coverage but I think that’s more the style of it and necessarily the thick cuz it’s like this banjo kind of thing underneath I could have this major under boob right now and no one would know it I like the way the bottom fit it’s not tight so I was thinking like it’s not gonna be that flattering because it’s not like holding me in but it’s actually more flattering good like a tight one I think would be it’s the same brand as the last one we wore but the fabric feels a little less nice nice do you want to feel it it just feels like a little thinner and like the elasticity probably won’t know please get in there I normally get something that’s like really tight and then I can’t breathe though it’s like rolling down and I feel like this won’t roll down this is like a good bottom fan I feel the bottom feels like really comfortable my favorite thing about the strap is the way it looks in the bag my bag does not looks cute we’re standing here and we can’t stop going like this I do want to do a quick boob test I feel like it’s necessary to move around like a jump test I don’t want to walk around very unclean my father place to almost like a sports bra I read it probably five just because I like half of it I would probably rate this like a six or seven only because it fits properly even though I don’t love it yeah I’m gonna give it an 8 I think that this is more fun it’s just like something to throw on I have to give it well I think like a 7 out of 10 it fits well I would love it a lot more if it came with like matching pad top and bottom I’m very surprised that this went extremely well I think with both of these top-selling swimsuits what is common among them is that I feel like they’re pretty flattering across multiple body types I’d probably consider looking at Amazon for Simpson maybe even under clothing again it’s cheap shipping yeah we all ready for the pool baby [Laughter] [Music]

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